Can you believe that a black family is trying to move into a white community!? Things sure have changed in America. 50 years ago, this caused major reactions and discussions within a community. People had wide ranges of emotions about the subject. Many felt that blacks moving nearby would ruin their community. It could cause property values to plummet, gangs of blacks would become violent, schools would deteriorate, etc. Others, like the third woman to speak in the film, seemed to think that integration was just a natural process and one day people would not even think about it. I think she was right. I bought a house about a year ago. In that process, I never even thought about or felt compelled to ask about the color of my potential neighbors. I think that is how most people in America feel about race these days. People obviously still notice if a person is white or black. But, for most, it isn’t even something that they consider important when making decisions on where to live, work, or send your kids to school.