The preceding audio demonstrates three major problems with the welfare system that will eventually undermine the country unless something is done to change course:

One, the people in this recording do not even understand where the money that they are getting comes from. They don’t realize that they are getting the money that other people earned. People like this think that their welfare money just magically appears in the mail. They fail to recognize that somebody else is sacrificing for them. Since they don’t recognize where the money comes from, they get a sense of entitlement and start to feel like they deserve more and more. As Margaret Thatcher once said however, “Eventually you run out of other people’s money.”

Second, these people are clearly dependent on the government for their very survival. It is never a good plan to depend on someone or something else to take care of you. Eventually, those whom you depend on lose the ability and/or the desire to continue to care for you. What would these people do if their benefits were ever cut off? Instead of continuing to support these people, the government needs to find a way to ween these people off of the government dole. They need to slowly learn to and find a way to take care of themselves.

Finally, the second lady in this clip, clearly states that she voted for Obama because he was going to give her money. This is incredibly dangerous for our county. This demonstates to all politicians that if they promise to hand out money, they will get elected. This is not a healthy situation to be in. Our candidates will end up in a war of bigger and bigger promises in order to get voters to choose them. We are already broke as a country and yet we find ourselves continuing to promise more and more benefits to the people. This is just making the fiscal problems that this country faces even worse.